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Morphée, in Greek mythology, is the God of prophetic dreams - known as Morpheus in English. For millennia, Morphée has carried humanity to the world of dreams and witnessed so many precious moments, intangible dreams and whispered wishes ... all ephemeral to this day. Wishing to materialize these moments, Morphée transforms forms and materializes precious moments and dreams into eternal jewels.

The jewels are intertwined, climbing, nestled, covering, accomplices and articulated. They accompany the body while telling a story...


The Designer

Pamela Hastry's experience in jewelry has been built around multiple experiences. Belgian by birth, her story started in London, where she built a solid foundation in industrial design for four years at the University of Kingston. She then perfected her skills in Rome at the Instituto Europeo Di Design, where she discovered the subtleties of jewelry, notably through the art of drawing. Paris then allowed him to explore the technical aspects of the workshops with initial training in the national federation HEJ before entering the profession, which refined her manufacturing requirements by relying on the traditional know-how shared by great artisans. Pamela Hastry draws her excellence from all over the world and builds the foundations and the knowledge of this passionate designer.

In 2013, she founded Morphée joaillerie. Her interest in art, elegance, design and human nature feeds her creativity and offers a particular sensitivity in the creation of her jewelry. Her creations combine style and finesse with a profane knowledge of precious stones, quality work and cutting-edge jewelry techniques. Elegance and history are the subjects at the origin of the uniqueness of each piece: conceived to embody the image of the owner.





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